Monday, January 16, 2012

Awesome Fuzzy Sock Muffs

I got some awesome fuzzy socks for Christmas. They are so fuzzy it's like stepping in a bunny all around the house.
They had gone missing, but I found them this morning cleaning out my daughter's room, so I slipped them on my bare feet and felt the magic of the fluffiness.
So when I got on my bed tonight to do some rewriting I took them off to give my feet a break and breathe. I placed them next to me and had intentions of returning them to my feet in a moment.
This same daughter, after I had sent her to bed, came a visited me a number of times. I knew she was stalling, but secretly I think she had been eying my socks all day. The third time she visited I noticed she had snuck my socks and held them very covered in her hands.
Me: Mia? What are you doing?
Mia: Nothing. I just wanted a hug.
Me: Are you stealing my socks?
Mia: (Looking so coy, knowing she had been caught) I need them.
Me: Why?
Mia: I get cold.
It was a fair excuse, since she sleeps in the basement. So I sent her away with them if she promised to go to sleep and not get out of bed anymore. She didn't return.
I just went to check on her and found her asleep with my awesome fuzzy socks not on her feet, but dangling from her ears.