Monday, June 6, 2011

The Everstar Blog: a place to geek out with Naomi and Reynolds

I have been asked if there is a place where you can review what is happening with my Everstar series...

And I am happy to announce that I have started a blog all about it!

I think this will be fun. I can't wait to talk about the series and how it is progressing. It is filled with fan art, silliness, and updates, reviews, contact and events... all involved with the series.

This is also encouragement for me to finish what I have started. I knew once I set my book out in the real world that it would be read by real people, and from that day forth I would be making a commitment - to finish the story I started and to give people what they want.

So please visit and become a fan. I hope you like it and am excited as I am!!